All buildings of Al-Muthanna University have a separate sewerage system. Rainwater is thus collected from the roofs of the buildings, and parking area etc. It is then discharged into the local ponds and canals around the buildings. This collected rainwater is then used for toilet flushing and for watering the plants inside the building.

The rainwater is collected and recycled for the use of hand wash, toilet flush, and a garden sprinkler system.

A program has been discussed at Al-Muthanna University to increase the usage of water efficient appliance. In fact, some new hand washing taps have been installed in bathrooms across the university. These new taps help to reduce the water usage by reducing the running amount of water.

Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, disinfectant chambers have been provided at the main entrance of the campus and the entrance of each college’s building at Al-Muthanna University. In addition, hand sanitizer containers have been positioned in many places in the buildings.