Supporting water conservation is one of the university’s important priorities because of the climate change effect and the low percentage of water in Iraq in general. Therefore, Al-Muthanna university has made a program to store the water and decided to construct

(500 m3) underground concrete water tank. This tank is connected to a powerful, efficient water pump which is used to pump the water through a network of pipes to all campus buildings where there is no water source available.

The rainwater is collected and recycled for the use of hand wash, toilet flush, and a garden sprinkler system.

A program has been discussed at Al-Muthanna University to increase the usage of water efficient appliance. In fact, some new hand washing taps have been installed in bathrooms across the university. These new taps help to reduce the water usage by reducing the running amount of water.

As mentioned before, the treated water drained from the treatment station is used for irrigation purposes inside the university. This process keeps the percentage of water consumption high because it will keep the irrigation water source out of other clean water sources through recycling.