Several articles have been published by Al-Muthanna University’s scholars on various topics related to environment and sustainability during the past three years. Below are some of those publications:

  • Almyaly, Amer Himza. “An Investigation of the DC Charging System and Electric Vehicle in Relation To Autonomous Distributed V2G Implementation.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1362. No. 1. IOP Publishing, 2019.
  • Abdulhasan, M. J., et al. “Combining GIS, fuzzy logic and AHP models for solid waste disposal site selection in Nasiriyah, Iraq.” Applied Ecology and Environmental Research3 (2019): 6701-6722.
  • Jassim, Raheem AH, Hanoon N. Kadhem, and QA Talib Alshujairy. “Comparing the effect of nano and mineral fertilizers and additional methods in availability and absorption of some elements and the growth and yield of Maize (Zea mays L.).” International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences2 (2020): 659-663.
  • Naser, Mohammed A., et al. “Characterizing variation in nitrogen use efficiency in wheat genotypes using proximal canopy sensing for sustainable wheat production.” Agronomy6 (2020): 773.
  • Alyaseri, Isam, and Jianpeng Zhou. “Handling uncertainties inherited in life cycle inventory and life cycle impact assessment method for improved life cycle assessment of wastewater sludge treatment.” Heliyon11 (2019): e02793.
  • Al-Hemoud, Ali, et al. “Sand and dust storm trajectories from Iraq Mesopotamian flood plain to Kuwait.” Science of The Total Environment710 (2020): 136291.
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  • Hello, Kasim Mohammed, and Nahla Ghaze Fahad. “In-situ Nitrous Acid Generation over Silica Imidazole Catalyst for Dyes Production.” Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis2 (2019): 247-259.
  • Abd Ghani, M.K.; Noma, N.G.; Mohammed, M.A.; Abdulkareem, K.H.; Garcia-Zapirain, B.; Maashi, M.S.; Mostafa, S.A. Innovative Artificial Intelligence Approach for Hearing-Loss Symptoms Identification Model Using Machine Learning Techniques. Sustainability 2021, 13, 5406.
  • Naser, G. F., Dakhil, I. H., & Hasan, A. A.. Organic pollutants removal from oilfield produced water using nano magnetite as adsorbent. Global Nest Journal (2021), 23(3), 381-387. doi:10.30955/GNJ.003875.
  • Kumar NM, Mohammed MA, Abdulkareem KH, Damasevicius R, Mostafa SA, Maashi MS, Chopra SS. Artificial intelligence-based solution for sorting COVID related medical waste streams and supporting data-driven decisions for smart circular economy practice. Process Saf Environ Prot 2021;152:482-94.
  • Sustainable stormwater management using rain gardens in urban areas. IOP conference series: Earth and environmental science; 2021.
  • Treatment of al-muthanna petroleum refinery wastewater by electrocoagulation using a tubular batch electrochemical reactor. IOP conference series: Earth and environmental science; 2021
  • Evaluation of dryness conditions in babylon governorate using the standardized precipitation index (SPI) and the normalized difference water index (NDWI). IOP conference series: Earth and environmental science; 2021.
  • Lead removal from simulated wastewater using magnetite as adsorbent with box-behnken design. IOP conference series: Earth and environmental science; 2021