Energy and Climate Change

It has been a priority to use energy-efficient applicants in all buildings of Al-Muthanna University. That has been a general practice in recent years at Al-Muthanna University for the purpose of energy-saving and to manage our energy usage sustainability.

Energy-efficient applicants (particularly LED lamps and laptop) across all colleges of Al-Muthanna University have been used at approximately 75%.

Buildings at Al-Muthanna University have been designed and constructed to have natural day-lighting and natural ventilation.

Staff and students at Al-Muthanna University have been following some rules related to private car usage inside campuses. These rules have been shaped and allocated for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emission. These policies aimed at minimizing the number of private cars entering campuses by providing buses, small cars to be shared between staff, walking paths with signboards so pedestrian can get to their destinations easily.

Several programs have been designed at Al-Muthanna University to educate and inform the university and surrounding communities about some essential matters. One of which is the climate change. As a result, Al-Muthanna University have run some workshops related to the issue of climate change and its impacts on the weather of Iraq, agriculture in the region and etc.