Al-Muthanna University offers courses ranging from Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences to Building Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Agriculture Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, and Education. These are available at undergraduate levels at its 11 academic colleges on the main campus; 2 Colleges at the other Campus in Al-Muthanna City (approximately 4km from the main campus); and 2 at the Health Campus beside Euphrates river, Al-Muthanna City (approximately 1.5km from the main campus).

Our sustainability aims
Al-Muthanna University has been taking some significant steps to achieve its aims in provide cleaner environment and more sustainable living conditions for our community. Those steps have been set to target several goals, which are briefly shown below:

  • Constructing open spaces and green covered areas has been a priority to get students and staff more space to enjoy their times away from buildings.
  • Implementing various programs to encourage students and staff to reduce paper and plastic use in campus.
  • Applying some procedures to recycle some of the university waste.
  • Providing several solutions to achieve more sustainable transportation, which helps to reduce air pollution.
  • Conducting research on sustainability and energy related fields.

The following report has been created to summarize Al-Muthanna University’s efforts regarding sustainability.

Million tree project